Grad School Admissions Consulting


We also help students with more than just essays.  Having been through it ourselves, we can help students walk through the process of selecting and applying to graduate school.  

We provide guidance and feedback on what tests to take and when, how to choose schools, how to present yourself, what to write in the essays, how to manage the recommendation process, and more.  We've helped our friends, family members and other students successfully navigate the grad school process.

Unlike most other admissions advisors, we've seen the career outcomes of students after graduate school firsthand, and are happy to share the anecdotal experiences of us, our friends, and our families. 


Questions we frequently encounter and advise on:

Business School

What are my chances with my GMAT score / should I retest?

Should I take time off to improve my application? Does it matter?

Does business school further my career / life goals? Or, will an MBA help me advance?

Are debt forgiveness programs really what they seem?

My GMAT isn't as good as I'd like. What do I do?

My GPA isn't as good as I'd like. What do I do?

Program selectivity versus debt load? Pay out of the MBA program versus alternatives?

Should I accept employer financing?

How do I prepare for the GMAT? Can I submit my GRE score instead?

Law School

Does law school further my career / life goals?

How do debt forgiveness programs work?  How realistic / generous are the programs?

Should I take time off? What should I do? Does it matter if I do something unrelated?

When should I take the LSAT? What's the best way to study?

How should I think about schools with known public interest programs versus schools without ones?

My LSAT isn't as high as I'd like. What do I do? / Should I take the LSAT again? How do the admissions committees view that?

My GPA isn't as high as I'd like.  What do I do? Do I write an explanation?

Medical School

I want to take time off. What should I do?

Should I do a post-bac?

What is the best way to prepare for the MCAT?

I want to do X speciality - how should I think about applying to school (higher ranked school and more debt, lower ranked and less debt)?

Which schools are good for getting a residency / fellowship in X?

How do I think about managing selectivity versus debt load?

Does med school help me achieve my life / career goals?

Should I do an MD/PHD? How do I think about the tradeoffs of time spent versus financing given?