College is expensive!  The sticker price at most schools is between 100-200+k.  You wouldn't buy a house for $150k without getting professional advice: a real estate agent, a professional home inspection, etc.  If you were getting sued for 100k you wouldn't go to court without a lawyer.  You wouldn't plan a 100k wedding and not get a professional photographer.  Why would you spend this on education without getting good advice?  Good advice will help maximize the chances of admission and give your son or daughter the most choices. This is especially important nowadays, because competition for college admission is fierce.

We help students present their best selves by providing fresh perspective on what about their unique experience is likely to resonate with an admissions officer. We've done this before--hundreds and hundreds of times with professional college counselors, friends, acquaintances, family members, etc.  Things usually break our way (often even when we think they won’t). And, trust us, it's often easier for us to talk to your child about what needs improvement than for you. The important thing is that we can provide your child with excellent help to write an essay that stands out.

Process:  We talk with you and your child before we begin and continue to talk with you and send you updates throughout the process.

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